Birth Control & Weight Gain

Is your hormonal birth control method causing weight gain & diet failure?


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ver since “The Pill” was introduced in 1962, women have been complaining about weight gain. As Hormonal Birth Control (HBC) methods have

evolved (from the pill, to the shot, to the ring and the implantable rod) birth control has become convenient, affordable and almost as commonplace as taking an aspirin. But the side effect of weight gain and increased appetite still remains the number one complaint... even though “experts” (probably all men) claim the birth control/weight gain link is a “myth.”

The “Real World” Weight Gain Dilemma

Despite the “expert” opinion, when I asked my readers for their input, every single person who responded said they gained weight when they started HBC. More than a few said they keep changing their birth control method or completely stopped because the weight gain wasn’t worth the trade-off. The general consensus was: “If you’re using some form of HBC you’ve either gained a bunch of weight and can’t seem to get it off, or you’re in the process of gaining weight and fighting like hell to minimize the damage.” In other words, complaints of increased appetite, sugar cravings and diet failure just won’t go away. So much for “expert” opinion.

Finding The Answer

To determine how hormone-based birth control can be the cause of weight gain and diet failure, I went to visit my favorite expert regarding everything female, Dr. Amy Heaton, Ph.D. Dr. Amy explained that differences between the results of clinical investigations and actual life experiences are not uncommon. But there is a definite connection between the use of hormone-based birth control methods and weight gain.

The Hunger Hormone Connection

Dr. Amy told me about a study published in The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology that discussed the relationship between “The Pill” and a satiety (appetite-controlling) hormone called cholecystokinin (pronounced Kola-sisto-ky-nin), or CCK. This hormone plays a huge role in telling our brains that we’re full, satisfied, and ready to stop eating. But birth control seems to cause our CCK levels to drop or not respond as well as they should. And, if we are using hormone-based birth control, an alteration in CCK response can make us more likely to crave sweets, binge eat, and — of course — gain weight, with a corresponding increase in body fat. Ugh.

firstquoteIf you’re using HBC Methods, the odds are, you’ve either gained a bunch of weight and can’t seem to get it off, or you’re in the process of gaining weight and fighting like hell to minimize the damage.lastquote


The Breakthrough

So when the connection between a clinically validated weight-control compound and its association with established CCK response parameters was recently revealed, you can imagine why it captured the attention of so many of us who write about women’s health and beauty issues. This is really exciting because this functional weight-loss compound was shown in previous studies to suppress appetite, automatically reduce caloricintake, decrease the desire for high-fat, high-sweet foods* (you know, everything that’s super tasty), and resulted in significant weight loss without forcing people to follow some stringent “diet” or exercise plan.

A Solution To The Birth Control/Weight Loss Problem?

Finally, there’s a weight-control solution specifically developed to help counteract weight gain caused by hormonal-based contraceptives. It’s called Vitona™-HC. And, as an extra bonus, this CCK-oriented calorie restricting formula not only works to fight the weight gain associated with HBC methods, it also contains a specialized compound that gives you a burst of energy, increases your metabolism and even boosts your mood*... which means you’ll not only be able to lose weight, you’ll also find yourself getting through the day with a great big smile on your face!

PS. By the way, if you’re one of those people who haven’t gained an ounce since beginning your hormonal birth control regimen, forget everything you just read. For the rest of you, enjoy FINALLY having an option in the battle against HBC-related weight gain with Vitona-HC!

**Tiffany Strobel is an author, columnist, and beauty editor for

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